12 Effective ways on how to get Pink Cheeks at Home

A nice blush is all you need to get those rosy cheeks? No, these simple home remedies can give you pink and glowing cheeks at home. Even if you have some skin troubles but a face with pink cheeks always grabs attention in a crowd of hundreds. Are you wondering how to get Pink Cheeks at home? It is not always necessary to buy a special makeup to live up your expectations of pink skin tone; a few habits can change the whole scenario.

Here presented are some of the simplest and less time-consuming tricks that work wonders on your skin. It may take few weeks to attain the glow of roses on your cheekbones, be patient with these home remedies to succeed.

1. Exfoliate to get Pink Cheeks

Targeting to achieve rosy pink cheeks at your home? Well, exfoliating is one of the procedures that you need to adopt in your daily routine. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells giving your facial skin a fresh glow. This will make your skin glow like mermaids and all the dullness will be vanished off.

Exfoliate for Pink Cheeks

2. Warm Water Wash to turn Cheeks Pink

It is mandatory to cleanse your face on a daily basis, a simple way to keep your skin away from all the dirt and pollution. But if you start rinsing off with warm water, it can help you to turn your cheeks pink. Be sure that you do not make it wash with hot water as this may cause severe burns on your face. A warm water wash will suffice the purpose!

Warm Water Wash

3. Cheeks Massage

Does everything need to be exercised so why not your cheeks? Give your cheekbone a good massage with your fingertips to boost the blood circulation. A good blood circulation will provide the necessary boost to the skin cells leaving a rosy glow behind. You can also use your favorite cold cream over essential oil as this will make your skin silky soft.

Face Massage

4. Vinegar to get Rosy Glow

It is one of the best things that you can use to get rosy cheeks at home. Simply take up a cotton ball and dip it into vinegar and rub it onto your cheeks. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes, continue for a week and notice the change. This remedy works well for the oily skin as this will also control the apperance of acne and pimples.

Vinegar for Pink Cheeks

5. Sugar for Rosy Cheeks

Get your cheeks in pink by rubbing sugar on your damp face; massage it in circular motions to get the natural glow. Repeat the remedy once a week to obtain the desired results. This exercise works as a scrubber to your skin and you will not only notice the change in your look but you can also feel the difference.

Sugar for Pink Cheeks

6. Switch to Sprouts

Sprouts are rich in protein that can help you reach out the levels of beauty. You can try Sprouts with Salads or you can have them as a snack. Want Helena’s like beauty?? According to a research if you add Sprouts to your daily routine your skin is much healthier to the ones who do not intake Sprouts. Add them to your daily routine!

Sprouts for Healthy Glow

7. Fruits to get Pink Cheeks

For a youthful pink glow, you can stick to fruit juices instead of harsh cosmetics. Red and Pink colored fruits add the best glow to your face. Mesh berries and apply them directly to your face, follow this thrice a week to feel that natural glow. Get a fruity glow to your dull face!

Fruits for Red Cheeks

8. Face Pack to get Pink Cheeks

Prepare a natural face pack at home using 1 medium sized cucumber, Lemon juice, wheat flour and honey. Grate cucumber and add other ingredients to make a consistent paste, put this mixture in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Apply to your face and neck area for 20 minutes to obtain Cleopatra glow in few days. This mask has a soothing effect on your skin as it can also help you beat the harsh sun rays. So, try it!

Face Mask

9. Beetroot Juice for Pink Skin Tone

Extract Beetroot Juice and add few drops of glycerin to the freshly prepared juice. Mix the two fluids well and apply it on your face and neck to make your skin look beautiful as never before. You can also start by taking the beetroot juice to your diet to have a healthy skin glow!

Beetroot for Pink Cheeks

10. Cut the Red Meat Out

Yes, If you want a healthy glow then cut out Red Meat from your Diet plan for a while to look afresh. You can simply try to add on Chicken and Fish Proteins if you are aiming to get Pink Cheeks. This diet change won’t only give you dazzling cheeks but will improve your skin texture as a whole.

Fish Protein For Skin Glow

11. Try Mild Bleaching

Look at yourself in the mirror, is your skin look dead and dull? Wipe your face with your favorite cleanser and go for a mild bleaching with Turmeric and Lemon Juice. Mix the two ingredients in equal proportions and apply the mixture directly to your face. Wash off after 10 minutes and you will glow like your favorite Hollywood Star!

Mild Bleaching for Rosy Cheeks

12. Hydration and Proper Exercise

In your hectic schedule do you usually forgot when you had water last time? If your answer is in affirmation, then here is the problem. Not drinking enough water makes your skin dry and dull, so count your glasses! Drink more water and sweat out more with your exercise routine to get a natural glow.

Exercise For Pink Cheeks

Well, these were few tips to enhance your pink facial glow. These tips are only meant for the tropical care of your skin. You also need to get a balanced diet too for glowing skin, what really matters is you should not lack any vital nutrients in your body. What you eat, your skin speaks!

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