17 Best Weight Loss Tips for Busy Bugs by Not Hitting the Gym! A Perfect Weight-Loss Guide for Beginners

Best Weight Loss Tips

Well, I am a person who believes in embracing your body type and bodyweight by loving the way you are. But this does not indicate that you begin a lifestyle of lethargy and make your body prone to hormonal issues. My idea is to stay active and healthy even if you have pounds extra until they do not affect your psyche and overall health score.

With a hectic lifestyle and inactive schedules, heavy workloads and time constraints are the most significant reasons for weight gain. If the extra calories are making you unhealthy and diseased, then this is the time where you need to think of weight loss tips to lead a healthy, active life.

Common Reasons for Weight Gain:

  • Inactivity for Longer periods
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Lethargy
  • Long Gaps in Meals
  • More Junk Intake
  • Excessive intake of sugar
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Wrong Eating Habits
  • Genetic Factors
  • Giant-Sized Meals
  • Are you an individual who is beaten by the busy bug and have no time to devote to fitness? Here suggested are some of the easiest and effective weight loss tips that can help you shed extra kilos quickly.

Plan Your Diet

As most of the fitness experts believe that diet has the most significant role to play in weight loss. I am no professional dietician speaking, but I am merely telling of my personal experience with diet change. A diet switch is a must, but you are required to understand what all dietary change!

Weight Loss Tips

Start cutting down meals to smaller ones; I was in the habit of gulping down my food in giant-sized meals and then fasting for the rest of the day. Later my fitness coach suggested me to divide my meals in shorter, instead of three; take 6-7 shorter meals a day and see the change in upcoming months.

Chew Properly

Sounds clingy? Yes, gathering the facts from my favourite fitness experts, they recommend chewing appropriately before swallowing the food. Thirty-two good chews before the final swallow will help against weight gain. This habit of eating slowly will help with less intake of calories and later promotes weight loss.

Several studies have found that obese people tend to chew less in comparison to slim people. So start building your habit of eating your food correctly to lose weight loss fast. If you are looking for faster weight loss tips, then start developing this habit soon to achieve results.

Keep Sugar at Bay

Let your sugary toothache! Gain control over your sugar cravings and cut refined sugars from your diet. Coffee lover? Yearning for those sweet cookies is your cappuccino? Mind every single intake that you regularly have and make sure sugar is a no-no.

Weight Loss Tips

Try to rely more on natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery to add tastes to your smoothies and beverages. Get set go, get ready to fit in your old dresses by getting rid of your belly fat. If you don’t have an iron will, then hunger pangs will make you ditch all your plans soon!

Cut Carbs Correctly

Cutting carbs from your body benefits your overall health as it lowers down the insulin levels. Decreased insulin levels cause kidneys to shed extra water and Sodium out from the body. This whole exercise results in weight loss and especially useful in losing belly fat and belly bloat.

Add protein, vegetables and fats to the diet include ingredients like beef, salmon, whole eggs, pork, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, cucumber and fruits. This will decrease your cravings and appetite and help you lose weight without hunger.

A Cup of Green Tea

There are innumerable benefits of Green Tea, and when one talks about weight loss tips for women, it ranks on the top. With anti-oxidants, green tea boosts metabolism and helps to detoxify the body. With the regular intake of green tea, your immunity gradually improves by adding energy to the collection.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

For women, green tea is a boon as it also helps as an anti-ageing drink by detoxifying the body resulting in healthy skin. A cup of green tea with honey adds taste to your all-time healthy drink.

Boiled Eggs in Breakfast

With the fast-moving life, it takes time to prepare a healthy breakfast. But not anymore, you can start simply by taking a high-protein diet. This protein-rich breakfast can reduce cravings by 60% and the desire for mid-night cravings to half.

Three egg whites will keep you full for a longer time and reduce your munching to a lot extent. To kick-start your day with a healthy protein-rich morning breakfast which is easy to make and delicious to eat! Sprinkle few toppings of your choice and this weight loss tip makes you fit soon!

40 Minutes Run a Day

Whether you like it or not, 40 minutes run is all you need to lose weight and get the desired shape. Once you have developed a habit of running 4o minutes a day, you will never need a unique exercise to lose weight. You can also jog with your pet and have a good jog. Or how about planning a long run with your partner whenever you both can take out time for this magic walk.

Weight Loss Tips For Women

Gradually you will notice that you are looking more toned in your appearance. Way to go, for more effective results, start with natural fat burners to lose weight more quickly. Do let me know your thoughts on these weight loss tips, or share your experience with me.

Tuck Your Tummy

This is a fun pact exercise for those who are office struck for complete 8-9 hours. Simplest of all the Weight loss tips, you only need to stretch your stomach while working on your work stations. Breathe and talk usually, but you need to keep your tummy tucked in, in a maximum of 3 days you will start noticing your belly disappear.

Be sure to maintain a gap of 3 hours post meals as this may hinder digestion. Once you have your meals, wait 3 hours and get back to your tuck-in routine, you can thank me later for this simplest one!

Leave Your Chair Every 30 Minutes

I understand you have all sort of work pressure and you are running on the tick of time. But you must take a stroll every 30 minutes. Get up from your chair and get yourself a glass of water, or get those pending approvals from your colleague.

For Weight Loss Tips

Keeping your body in motion every 30 minutes is an effective way to fade away lethargy and helps your muscles to relax. The best is to improve your work capacity and keep a watch on your activeness and fitness even at the office.

Check on Sodium Intake

Sodium is one of the most significant factors to get on the checklist when you are planning to lose weight. Studies prove that Sodium is one of the reasons for water retention in the body. So, once you have a diet plan ready, be cautious of the salt and sodium content, you are consuming per day.

However, I advise skipping salt after 5:00 PM as this can help reduce the water retention in the body. The result is a healthy, toned body and weight loss. Continue this for a month, and you can quickly notice the desirable effects. A strict weight loss tip for women!

Luke Warm Water

Start your morning with Luke warm water drink, add a half lemon to the glass. This miracle drink is the most important and most common practice that most of the fitness experts follow and recommend. I started with this and lost around 3 kilograms in two months, with a 20 minutes cycling regime.

Faster Weight Loss Tips

Once you have set your mind for this, none can come in your way to health. Past the warm lemon drink, drink a glass hot water for a quick weight loss. Give it a try; this really works by detoxifying your body.

Keep Stress at Bay

All you need is to balance your mental stress with your favourite hobbies. Studies reveal that pressure in women is one of the primary causes of weight gain. Stress leads to hormonal imbalances and in short results in weight gain and other reproductive challenges, especially in women.

So, pick up books if you love reading, join a dance class to help deal with stress and anxiety pangs. You can start with swimming classes or play hits on your home theatre and try some Zumba moves. It is indeed a great thing to begin tackling stress at the right time before it gets too late.

Kissing Your Love

Raised brows? Feeling strange about the awww-someness of the fact? But this is true; the more passionate you kiss your love, you will burn calories. Indulging in the actual act can have similar calorie burn results as that of a brisk walk. Do not confuse; everything that makes your heart run faster is not a workout. But some studies show that kissing help calorie burn and weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips For All

Not just this, it also helps to make you look younger and happy promoting a healthy relationship, on the other hand. Oral hygiene has to be kept in mind before getting closer to your partner. Rest all can help you reduce inches!

Black Coffee

In love with coffee? Do you know that Black coffee is a natural energy booster and improves the metabolic rate of the body? Two cups of black coffee provide efficient energy, and with time, it will help weight loss.

Or you have an option of green coffee beans extract not just works on metabolism but is rich in anti-oxidants to make your skin look younger. So what are you waiting for? Start your coffee regime from today onwards!

Healthy Snacking Habits

Do not eat any and everything to fulfil your hunger pangs opt for healthy snacking options. Distance yourself from potato chips, cold drinks, quick bites or chocolates. All these will surely kick you out of your health plans, restore all your dedication to skip junk and quickies.

Weight Loss Tips For Women

Try oats meal or soups for the short hunger breaks or keep a box of dry fruits handy to help you feed well. Dry fruits are rich in protein and will make you feel fuller for a long time. The present anti-oxidants make you look young and active, so are you ready to lose weight with a handful of nuts? This Weight loss tip is a sure hit!

Flax Seeds For Weight Loss

Rich in fibre, antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds tend to increase your efficiency to lose bodyweight. Insoluble fibre improves the metabolic rate and henceforth helps to shed those extra kilograms from your waist. Consuming flax seeds is the most known weight loss tips for women and is guaranteed to promote weight loss.

Add flax seeds to a smoothie or have a spoon with lukewarm water. Having it in curd is a good idea to improve taste, or add it in salads. You need to consume one tablespoon of flax seeds daily to shed down weight.

Dine With Oats

The individuals looking for weight loss tips would have heard oats as a perfect breakfast. Though I feel a little tossed with the fact, I like oats make an ideal dinner. Oats makes you feel fuller but did not give you the energy enough to complete your day-to-day tasks. That’s what I think as I need a lot of energy to articulate my ideas to words all day long.

Oats For Weight Loss Tips

I switched oats to my dinner meal, and this comes out as a healthy switch. The rich fibre diet at night keeps you full all long night and is a low-calorie dinner. Milk oats make it more nutritious and make me feel not overloaded with the dinner.

Hope you already have made up your mind of what all weight loss tips to follow and what to skip. But trust you me if you dedicate your positivity to stay healthy and fit, importantly to save yourself from the complications that come up with obesity. Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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