How to get rid of Double Chin and Neck Rolls with Simple Exercises at Home

Are you one amongst the race of a slim and elegant jawline? Losing weight cannot be easy but you feel really bad when all your pictures are spoiled because of your neck rolls. Thinking that contouring can help you in giving your jawline the shape of your dreams? Yes, quite possible but does it always work? What about the times when you have to go out without makeup? I am sure that you are looking for some awesomazing tips on how to get rid of double chin and ugly neck rolls. There are so many expensive surgeries or medical treatments available that can provide solutions in an instant. But how about fixing it in a natural way?

So, here I am to reveal the best possible natural methods to remove neck roles and chin fat. From following simple tips to easy-to-perform exercises all are here to help you have a perfect looking jawline. Time is the biggest healer and it makes miracles possible so give yourself some time and let the magic happen!

1. Running to remove Facial Fat

Running?? Sounds funny, right?? But trust me, this can be surprisingly beneficial if you go for a run. Running on a treadmill works just as good; as it keeps up with your workout plans for the weight loss. Initial results can be seen when you start noticing that your facial fat is melting down. Amazing! Go for it now!

Running for Neck Rolls

2. Increase your Water intake

If you increase the water consumption each day then it will surely help you detoxify your body. This will not only make you lose your extra pounds but will also give your skin a natural glow like never before. So, make sure you take up 8-10 glasses of water a day!

Water Intake

3. Baby Bird Exercise

Some of you might be thinking what is a baby bird. Right? Yoga is quite effective in getting rid of fat from your neck area. For doing this just tilt your head towards the ceiling, press the tip of your tongue against the roof of the mouth and swallow at the same time. This is shown in Image (a), now tilt your head slightly to the right, and repeat. Do this exercise on the left side and repeat it. Easy right??

4. Chin Rolls

Chin Rolls can be really effective if you want to get rid of double chin. To perform this exercise all you need to do is to keep your head centered, between your shoulders, with the chin pointed down. Then roll your head to the right and roll it back to the center. Do this exercise shown in picture (b); 5-10 times on both sides and trust me you will notice the difference in no time.

5. Neck Rotations

If you want to lose your double chin, then start with the neck rotations. For this, you need to sit down or stand up with your spine straight then simply turn your head slowly to the right and then you have to stretch it as far as you can. Now just bring the face forward and repeat the exercise on the left side. It is advisable to perform 5-10 reps on both the sides.

6. Try to avoid Saturated Fats

Saturated fats add weight to your body and are called to be less of any nutritional value. Hence, it is advisable to avoid saturated fats from your dietary routines. The best way is to say no to fast foods and say yes to homemade food.

Saturated Fats

7. Lion Face Exercise

This exercise is one of the best exercises to get rid of the double chin which will surely give you a hit on your chin. Startup with inhaling through the nose and exhale with your mouth open. As you exhale, extend the tongue in an outward direction and stretch it towards the chin like did in the image (d). Hold the position for a moment and repeat the same at least 3 times.

Neck Rolls

8. Chin Slap

Chin slap?? Pondering over what to do in this one? Well its easy guys if you’ve seen old screen actors placing their hands under the chin, this is known as chin slapping. But trust me guys it works amazingly well to get rid of chin fat. With the back of your hand, gently and slowly slap underneath your chin similar done in the image (e). Gradually do faster. Do this exercise several times a day.

9. Do not slouch while Sitting

Your sitting posture affects your neck and chin muscles. If you slouch while sitting, it will affect these muscles and make them weaker. Slouching is a bad sitting position and is responsible for increasing fat around the neck. Hence, it is really mandatory that you keep a check on your sitting positions!

Sitting Posture for Chin Fat

10. Jump Rope Exercise

Yes, jump rope can help to reduce chin fat and remove neck roles. Not only this, jumping rope offers a bunch of health benefits; it is one great way to start an everyday workout. This high-intensity workout can burn out your extra calories which can make your far fit than ever!

Jump Rope for Double Chin

These are some of the best tips to reduce a double chin and neck roll. If I have missed any of the important tips on how to get rid of double chin drop below in the comments section.

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