A Guide to Healthy Christmas Recipes and Gift Ideas 2018 at any Age

Christmas is celebrated as a Christian holiday, a special day of Jesus Christ birthday. The festival is celebrated over two millennia as a worldwide religious and secular celebration. In the current scenario, Christmas is a fun time for all the family and close friends. Healthy Christmas Recipes and Gift Ideas 2017 cam work well for you to prepare beforehand for the Christmas Party. So, not more days are left to 25 December celebrations; still not ready to greet your fellows well?

From happy gatherings to a delicious treat Christmas celebrations is all about it. Thinking of what would serve them? How about serving something healthy to your guests? Yea fantastic; catch up Healthy Christmas Recipes and Gift Ideas 2017 here!

Healthy Christmas Recipes 2017

Christmas Holiday is one of the most exciting holiday seasons soon to arrive. Its Jesus’ birthday and it has to be special, special decorations, special lighting, special people and why not special food? Don’t want to stuff yourself with calories? Look here for some healthy Christmas Recipes 2017!

Thanks to these indulgent dishes which are happy to soul and fit to eat. Try out any amongst this list of favorites!

1. Peppermint Fudge Energy Bites

A healthy holiday treat is all that you must be looking for this Christmas. Here is the perfect peppermint treat for your special guests.

Healthy Christmas Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

The batter of the recipe is prepared using almonds and dates.  Strange? But trust me it’s a yummy combination which gives the required nutritional boost to your festive mood.  The presence of dates will cut down the addition of sugar into the recipe. Almonds are a sure source of protein and what not the flavors of chocolate, peppermint and Vanilla elevates your tasteful fantasies.

The candy crumbles not simply add a colorful visual treat but is fun for sure. This is sure a never to Miss Christmas tasty bites.

2. Honey Garlic Roasted Carrots

Are Green vegetables boring? No not now as this holiday season you can enjoy the most of it.  The natural sweetener is a sure way to trim the extra calories in this recipe. Something spicy and crispy? Way to go!

Christmas Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

Christmas Recipes don’t have to be boring; vegetables with their full nutritional values can be the best when served as snacks. Honey garlic glaze adds a mouthwatering flavor to the roasted carrots. Carrots are neither cooked not boiled but roasted to keep the nutrients intact. When Carrots are caramelized in honey dip what more you want this Christmas holiday season?

3. Spinach Balls

Spinach Balls can be a great appetizer to consume some greens for your Christmas party. A healthy and delicious blend to serve this Christmas Holiday 2017, it’s really yummy!

Christmas 2017 Recipes

Why this Recipe

Guest on the door and you are yet not prepared with your snacks? Well, the best part of this recipe is that this can be prepared in advance. Iron-loaded Spinach, crispy breadcrumbs, and smooth butter flavor gives it all for a yummy treat altogether. Cut the unhealthy out of your life!

4. Maple Cranberry Sauce

Why not serve something like Maple cranberry sauce? A deliciously sweet with a tart of Orange and cinnamon soothes your taste buds for life.

Healthy Christmas Recipes

Why this Recipe

Maple syrup is easily available in your nearby stores and taste of cranberries is which nobody can resist. The sizzling red color makes it a perfect Christmas themed serving. Oranges are the best source of vitamin C making it really good for your skin to glow. Give your skin a healthy glow by avoiding the sugary sweet!

5.Vanilla Bean Sweet Potato Casserole

This delicious casserole is as simply amazing with a hint of vanilla. You will definitely be in love with the flavor of this recipe.

Christmas 2017 Recipes

Why this Recipe

The richness of Sweet Potato with a crunchiness of nuts and oats makes this a perfect treat for all time. Vanilla Bean tint adds a cherry to the top as it eliminates your sweet-toothed cravings. No oil no extra calories, a healthy recipe which will leave your plate clean.

6. Quinoa Stuffing

Adding Quinoa stuffing in your Christmas Recipes 2017 is a total game changer. If you compare Quinoa with bread then let me tell you it’s much more healthy and delicious. This means you can go for an extra pie which you would love to take on.

Happy Christmas Recipes

Why this Recipe

A protein-loaded stuffing with the flavors of cranberries and rosemary can never make you regret your choice. All your friends would be in love with you as you serve this on your Christmas Dinner Table.

7. Roasted Lamb

A classic recipe with no masses of extra spices is delicious to eat. Most of the times it’s served on Easter let’s try this on Christmas too? Who would not love to eat this special treat every now and then?

Christmas Healthy Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

This recipe will take only 15-20 minutes to be served hot to your guests. Unloaded with fewer spices and your favorite sauce can make it want you more. Highly nutritious and crisp to swallow, this recipe is worth a try this 25th.

8. Quinoa Stuffed Squash

Stuffed with glazed turkey squashes can really be boring for a repetitive choice. I would suggest giving your squash glasses with pumpkins, quinoa, and pomegranates. Fascinated by the flavors and the smoothness?

Christmas Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

Walnuts and Pomegranates gel so well together making it healthy and it is as delicious as you could ever imagine. Quinoa is always a healthy choice to include in your recipes. Serve your guests health!

9. Crudité Vegetable Wreath with Ranch Dip

This vegetable appetizer will rock your Christmas Party served with white cauliflower, green broccoli, red tomatoes, green beans, kale, snap peas, and Brussels sprouts. It’s a delicious way to greet your family and friends for this red carnival.

Christmas Recipe 2017

Why this Recipe

A colorful blend of veggies and homemade ranch dip is prepared with nonfat Greek yogurt.  You can even store the dip prior to the main event or enjoy it post-event celebrations.

10. Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

Give your guest veggies for Christmas celebrations; the cutest and themed recipe. This vegetable platter will appear as mini Christmas tree which is delicious to eat and adorable to look. Definitely a combination of visual and mouthful pleasure!

Healthy Christmas Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

What can be more exciting than a healthy blend of Broccoli and cherry tomato? Fewer calories and more health, less time consuming and more mouth-watering, yes way to go!

11. Spiced Hot Fruit Bake

It is a gluten-free dessert adorned with the flavors of Cranberries, Apples and other nourishing fruits. A rich tasteful fruity bake is what we all live for, feels like heaven.

Christmas Recipes 2017

Why this Recipe

Spicy and fruity at different layers makes this recipe as one of my favorite Christmas recipes 2017. It’s a nutritious choice to serve as a topping or even as a meal at Christmas feast.

12. Healthy Gingerbread Cookies

A good idea to treat your guests with some delicious cookies in your Christmas party, healthy Gingerbread is a fit. A blend of molasses and vanilla crème stevia with a creamy tart of eggs is sure to make you fall for it.

Christmas 2017 Recipes

Why this Recipe

You can give desirable shapes to these cookies, how about preparing them in Santa Caped Shape? Or an X-mass tree? This recipe is indeed a warm welcome snack for your Christmas guests.

Well, the next thing to plan for this Christmas event is what you can gift to your loved ones. There are so many boring Christmas Gift Ideas which you must have thought. But have you ever planned to buy something called Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas 2017? Let’s watch it here!

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

There is always a friend who has it all and there is a partner who wants nothing from you. Inside your heart, you always feel excited about the gifting ceremony. So, here I am listing some of the unique Christmas Gift Ideas 2017.

1. Workout bag

It always seems nice to see your loved ones healthy and fit. How about the idea of sending them to their favorite sports activity by gifting them a workout bag as a Christmas Gift? This would not only let them thinking of how grateful but will also motivate them to keep going with their fitness goals.

Christmas Gift Ideas

2. A Cool apron

It is said that home-cooked food is the best one when it comes to your healthy diet plans. Henceforth give your gifting person a dedication to cooking at home by gifting them a cool apron to toss up those pots and pans.

Christmas Gift Ideas

3. Dumbbell Shaped Alarm Clock

For a lazy bee, this can be the perfect gift. Getting up nearly and hitting the gym is not everybody’s pie, henceforth this Christmas gift them a dumbbell alarm clock. The motion sensors will make them complete entire workout and makes sure that it does not shut down until you have completed 30 curls.

Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Boxing gloves

Boxing is not just a sport but an exhilarating workout to burn off extra fat. So, just give your friends a friendly message to stay fit as you wish them all goodness of them with this Christmas present.

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

5. Oil Mister

Olive Oil is called as the heart-friendly oil and no one can stop you in a healthy life run. This Christmas 2017 gift your loved ones the power of health and fitness. Buy an Oil Mister for your closed ones!

Christmas Healthy Gift Ideas

6. Running socks

One of the sexiest gifts that you gift your loved ones is a pair of socks. This is a way to showcase your care towards your closed beings. A Christmas reminder that you will be there with them in every run of life!

Christmas Gifts 2017

7. Eye Mask

Gift your darling an Eye Mask as a Christmas gift this year. Eye Mask makes a perfect gift for your beloved to have a good sleep keeping them away from light. One of the best Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for your special ones!

Christmas Gifting Ideas

8. Sunlight Desk Lamp

Healthy levels of serotonin and the normal production of vitamin D can be controlled by the sunlight. Sunlight desk lamp is the mimicking of the sunlight that can keep your favorites in a healthy state. This is a healthy gift of care!

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

9.Bluetooth Portable Speaker

For all your work-out lover friends this is indeed a perfect Christmas gift for this year. Let them dance to the beats and sweat out toxins, a gift of musical motion!

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas 217

These are one of the finest Christmas recipes and gift ideas which you can prefer to choose this year. If I missed some you can comment them in the section below. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

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