5 Spookiest Games for Halloween Party 2017

As the October days roll in, a mischievous air surrounds the atmosphere. These days bring along with them the horror and scare of the whole year. A celebration of Mystery, a celebration of Harvest or you can call it a celebration of the Scariest. This Holiday is a total fun and excitement at the same time.

Thinking of how to make your Halloween Party more amazing? Well, here suggested are few interesting games which you can plan to add a twist in the traditional set-up!

1. Cob Web Walking

A fully fledged plan to get your little guests entertained. All you need is to draw a giant Spider web with dark paints over the garden area, get scary spider stickers to make it worth playing. Ask the kiddos to jump across the web saving themselves from the spiders. The one whose foot touched to spiders will be out from the game. Nice one, yeah!

Cobweb Walk

2. Apple Alcohol Shots

For all the adults this is another fantastic game that you can try this Halloween. Put your favorite mocktail or cocktail in a large vessel or pot. Add few apples with numbered engravings from 1 to 8. Then the candidate is asked to pick up any apple by dipping their head into the vessel. The number engraved on the Apple will decide the number of shots the participant has to gulp down. Quitting will lead to the failure in the game!

Apple Alcohol Shots

3. Halloween Bowling

How is the idea of bowling on this day of the dead? Though there are so many other uses of Pumpkin in Halloween Parties, this one can really make you go mad. Yes, amongst the scary scenery you can go bowling. Take some medium sized Pumpkins for balls and use big brooms as sticks. Hit the pumpkin balls with your broomsticks. The winning team will be the one which reaches the goals earliest. A sporty game amongst the dark horror!

Halloween Bowling

4. Solving a Murder Mystery

A heart-throbbing murder can make your guests skip a heartbeat. You can randomly accuse any of your guests as a murderer and the other members can be a part of the investigation team against the accused. Spread some fake blood and other fake suspicious items around the playing area. It is add-on the mystery to the day!

Solve a Murder Mystery

5. A Gory Dinner Party

A daring move to make, plan a ghastly dinner party this holiday season. Start with horrific looking cakes and then serving food in zombie vessels. Make all your guests stunned with the feeding spoons made in the shape of skulls or terrified hands. This will really gonna be scary, and the one who finishes his/her food at first will be the winner of this game. Happy Horror!

Zombie Dinner

Play these games to make your Halloween party a heart-rending and spookiest screech! Enjoy the nerve-racking Halloween with these fun games! Spare the Horror!

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