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13 Instant Halloween Costume Ideas for a Jaw Dropping Look

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is full of ghosts, props and funny activities. Planning to dress up uniquely this Halloween? Most of us would love to organize a themed Halloween party, but what if you are a savvy type and do not want to make your pockets empty for a one-day fair, then here are some interesting and readymade Halloween Costume Ideas for you.

These are instant-to-take up costumes which will take less of your time and money. No fancy accessories, no expensive costumes, a few minutes and you are ready to enter any of the Halloween Parties!

1. Out-of-Work Nudist

It’s one the easiest costume that you can try on as for this you only need a board saying, “Out-of-work-nudist”. Trust me you will nail this Halloween!

Out-of-Work Nudist

2. Be a Brawny Man

 Do you have a plain shirt? Of course who does not have; use this as your Halloween Costume Idea and wear it with rugged stubble. Anybody can identify you as a Brawny man. Cool right?

Brawny Man

3. Error 404

Thinking of the easiest Halloween Costume Ideas? Yes, dress as Error 404, simply take on any of your old white tees and use fabric color to write “Error 404”. Now, you are ready, go on!

Error 404 Costume

4. Dress for a Weight Loss Advertisement

Walk on like twins; find a clone that has a small size than you. Walk as before and after weight loss special! Try but you may have hard luck finding your facial same. Consider this as your Halloween Costume Idea!

Before and After

5. Costume with Dryer Sheets

Personify yourself as a static cling; attach any clothes and dryer sheets to your old pair of clothes. One of the easiest methods to stand among all! One of the most happening Halloween Costume Ideas I have come across till date!

Halloween Costumes

6. How to dress like a Ladybug

Have a pair of red dress? Use this to dress as Ladybug. Do not forget to attach black stickers on your dress, enjoy this Halloween Costume Ideas!

Ladybug Costume

7. Ping Pong Ball Costume

Your Kid can be done with a baggy sweater, attach Ping Pong Balls to the costume. Your cute monster is ready to rock the Kids Halloween Party!

Ping Pong Ball Costume

8. Dress up as a Ceiling Fan

To beat the heat of the scary Halloween, dress up as a Ceiling fan. Wear any tee and write “GO CEILING”. You can now be identified as a ceiling fan! Hahaha, you will Rock this Halloween 2018 with this Halloween Costume Idea!

Go Ceiling

9. Tourist Costume

Easy to dress up technique, wear your casuals and pair them with your tracking shoes. Common, take up a luggage bag to complete the look!

Dress Up as a Tourist

10. Act like a Bouncer

Your old Black suit can do this for you; use your Bluetooth to do justice with the get-up. Go with dark shaded eye shades to naturalize the look!

Bouncer Costume

11. Dress as Wednesday Addams

Dress up with a bitchy resting face like Wednesday Addams. Wear your favorite skirts and do your hair into two braids. That simple and quick to go Halloween Costume!

Wednesday Addams

12. Human Stick figure Costume

Dress up in your simple dress and pair it with the monochromatic or contrasting tape colors. You are ready as a Human Stick! What a simple Halloween Costume Idea to go with!

Human Walk Figure Costume

13. Welcome Elaine Benes

Elaine Benes, no extra efforts to make. Put on men jeans and carry an oversized jacket over it. Now you complete the look of Elaine Benes! No creativity with this amazing Halloween Costume Idea!

Elaine Benes

I hope this sorted all your worries of Halloween Costume Ideas. Pick up any of your favorites and be happy to dress like these personalities mentioned above, we wish you the weirdest and Scariest Halloween 2018!

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