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7 Halloween Pumpkin Hacks which you should be Aware of!!

Pumpkin Games

Halloween Pumpkin can be called as the Rockstar of the Halloween parties. This Yellow colored fruit has all the vital nutrients and hence it is widely used all over the world especially in the month of October. Halloween is in anyway associated with the orange fruit and here are presented few of the best creative ideas to create magic out of Pumpkin.

So, get ready to note down these interesting ideas that you can try this Halloween season. Trust me this will really work and only with this fruit, you can organize a rocking party, watch out what all can you do with this fruit on the day of the deads!

1. Halloween Pumpkin as a Serving Bowl or Keg

Want to impress your guests? Try this one. This Halloween, create a beverage dispenser out of the fruit itself. Fix up a spigot to a pumpkin and place it on a corner table. Pour out your favorite beverages and cocktails into the pot and look what magic it creates. Or you can also design serving bowls to serve veggies or sauces, impressive right?

2. Halloween Pumpkin to make Appetizers

This fruit will win your guests when its sober taste adds something new to your serving drinks. Pour Virgin Apple Cider and some lemon slices into the pot made out of Pumpkin. The Pumpkin serving pot will not only go with the party theme but will additionally add-on a great flavor.

3. Halloween Pumpkin for Lightening

Lightening effects? Yes, you can make jack-o’-lanterns by using your Power Drills to carve Pumpkins. You can make scary pieces out of this practice; go for it to have a spooky Halloween Party at your place. Settle down colored bulbs inside your creations and enjoy the scariest lighting effects.

Pumpkin for Lightening

4. Halloween Pumpkin Candles for Halloween Party

Candle lighting can add a little extra horror in your house-party. Carve out little pumpkins and use them as candle holders and place it over all the sitting areas to add extra effect to the scare which you are trying to create. Yes, this really works wonders!

Pumpkin Candles

5. Halloween Pumpkin Cakes

Halloween Cakes can add much fun to your parties. Try Halloween Pumpkin cakes to give your guests a special treat. Bake a cake with Halloween Pumpkin design and use chocolate to create eyes nose to exaggerate the theme effect. A must try this Halloween!

Pumpkin Cakes

6. Halloween Pumpkin Games

In your party, you can make your guests enjoy a little off beat. Let’s say passing a Pumpkin may work to add twists in the traditional Halloween games. A perfect one for all those little guests!

Pumpkin Games

7. Halloween Pumpkin Snacks in your Halloween Party

Which party is complete without special snacks? This Halloween party can never go wrong if you have decided to go with the themed servings. You can create fries direct from the Pumpkin skin and serve them with a special pure of Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Snacks

Try these for your little Halloween get-together or for your massive gatherings. These tricks can award you as one of the best hosts of the town. And of course, a themed party can never backfire the plan. Let the horror take over you; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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