Halloween Party Ideas to throw a Spine-Chilling Party

All the party throwers must be excited to decorate their places this upcoming Halloween. Yes, the most exciting and spookiest holiday is here. Thinking of what to do special to give your guests a nerve-rendering shriek? Turning your home into a haunted place is no lesser then visiting such a place by your own? Right? Here are suggested few of the tricks that can help you in decorating your place for this Halloween Party.

Pull your boots up to start creating a creepy atmosphere in your own drawing room, read on to let spiders enter your abode!

Graveyard Garden

Garden is the foremost places where your guests are going to visit, so start with this place. Make this Halloween memorable by trying to turn your garden into a graveyard. But make sure you need to entertain those little guests too. Turn your garden into a dark place use candles, skulls, artificial coffins and funny ghosts to add a farcical tint.

Garden Dolls

Halloween Windows

Decorate your home windows to enhance a creepy feeling inside the abode. Use blue lights to add a terrifying effect. You can also try artificial cobwebs to make it look ghastly. And even if you do not have a window then it’s easy to create one, download any of the Halloween Window posters and stick them to the wall. This is a really horrific man!

Scary Windows

Lightning Effects

All your creativity lies here, yes. It is very important of where you keep lightening. Use white, blue or red lights to enhance the Halloween spirit. Let your guests run out cold visiting this place. Try using spine-chilling stencils to trick your guests, for this, you can use some artificial fog. This can be proved as one of the best Halloween party ideas, hahaha…already scared?

Halloween Lights


There are two ways you can make the best of your old curtains at this moment of time. Get some Spider Stickers to paste on your curtains. Pour out some red ink too to make it look like real blood stains. Well, if you do not want to spoil the old ones then simply play with the shadows with light effects.

Scary Halloween Curtains


A dark place is the scariest among all, so let this place be dark. You can use Pumpkins, fog, candles, zombies, skulls and even ash fire to make your visitors go pale. Want to hear a real shriek? Let’s make a crafted mummy hang over the door inside. Place it in a way that the moment anyone enters, it falls down over to them. Fun indeed! Or some free hands to say hello will work too!

Dark Doorways

Huh…so much to do right? These tricks are not that difficult at least they save you from all the extravaganza of decorations. Using these simple-to-craft tricks you can transform your happy home to a scary show this Halloween. Keep visiting us for more!

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