10 Interesting Ways You Must Know on How to Deal with Depression

Are you looking on How to deal with depression? Have you ever thought what has made you landed here? Excessive sadness? Loss of positivity in your Life? Or low motivational drives? But wait let me tell you it is normal to experience feelings of sadness and despair. In most of the cases, the sad feelings resolve as you come to terms with the new positive changes in life. You know what Life never chooses a simple path for you, it will make you go weak, it may make you lose hope, or it may serve you with all the hardships. But you have to RISE, RISE and RISE!

Common Symptoms of Depression

There can be multiple symptoms of Depression but let’s find out if you are really facing any of these Depression symptoms or you are simply low on life?

  • Feeling of sadness about the future, or hopeless?
  • Listlessness and a lack of belief in positive things?
  • Negative emotions leading you to have suicidal thoughts?
  • A constant feeling of being unwanted?
  • You feel like locking yourself in a room and cry the whole day.
  • Not participating in the Social Gatherings or Family Dinners.
  • Loss of appetite with excessive loss of weight.
  • Loss of interest in sex.
  • A feeling of tiredness even when not physically active.
  • Not getting proper sleep despite feeling exhausted.
  • Feeling miserable and it may last for weeks.
  • Slowed or inefficient thinking with poor concentration.
  • Recurring Negative thoughts, or feeling of being guilty, or a feeling of unworthiness.

If your answer is affirming to any of the following then you must read on to sort your life a little!

What Causes Depression

Facts state that almost 30% of the patients for depression is due to genetic influences. No one knows exactly what causes depression. It is clear that genetic factors are important in many cases of depression. Depression can run in families as there are 30% cases of generic depression. When You are looking for How to Deal with Depression you must know the cause first.

Stressful saddened events play a major role in the onset of depression. Sudden conflicts, financial losses, and the loss of someone special can make your way to the dark. The people with weak emotions are more prone to depression as a few unpleasant life events can worsen depressive illness.

Difference between Anxiety and Depression

One of the confusions people face is differentiating between anxiety and depression.  Anxiety can be defined as an emotion or the feelings of tension. You may experience a continuous flow of worried thoughts and physical ailments like increased blood pressure. The severity of an anxiety attack totally depends on the original trigger or stressor point. There can be physical symptoms, such as nausea, or increased blood pressure and slowly these responses move beyond anxiety and takes the shape of anxiety disorder.

On the other hand, Depression is more severe, constant, and dangerous than Anxiety Pangs. One in three people experiences depressive episodes at some or the other stage of their lives. There are chances that the depression pangs are mild, but if are experiencing severe depression then you must follow these ways on How to deal with Depression.

Well, there are different methods on How to deal with a Depression. Let’s learn some of them in detail.

1. Try to Grab Positivity

Depressed People showcase a style of thinking that involves negative views of the world. They have developed a thinking of worthlessness and thought that the world is an unfair place to live in. They usually think that their lives will improve and they have no scope in the coming future.

Whenever they encounter a little issue in their lives they blame themselves. Although on the other hand, when good things happen they simply assure themselves that they are just lucky. But you know what, you need to raise yourself to keep going with the ups and downs of life. So, you must find ways to find positivity in life to know the solution for How to Deal with a Depression!

2. Educate yourself with Depression

Educating yourself about depression is extremely valuable. You must be acquainted with what actually is happening to you so that potentially you can have a greater control over your disorder. Greater control may lead to reduced feelings of helplessness and an increased sense of well-being. Keep these points in mind while educating yourself! Depression is a pure form of an illness, as it has nothing to do with weakness. Recovery is the only rule possible, and not the exception.


There are so many treatment options available to you, in fact, there is a suitable treatment for all most all the patients out there. The treatment may take longer time, but you will heal. The chances of Depression are recurrent once it is caused, but I am sure you can cure them with the correct practices.

3. Keep Yourself Busy

Set goals for daily activity. Planning full days with useful activity by making a list of the activities you are going to engage in at different times during the day. Try to follow up your planned routine and take note of all the activities you enjoy. Give most of your time enjoying those activities to improvise the healing process. Avoid comparing your behavior or feelings for a while in your depressed state of mind. This one is the greatest ways on How to Deal with Depression!

Reward yourself for your postive efforts. Ask your friends and relatives to encourage and praise you for each and every step that you take towards being you. Recovering from severe depression is almost like learning to walk again. If you think that any of your tasks seem too difficult for you, do not despair. Break down the task into easier steps and start all over again slowly.

4. Spend Time with your Favorite Food

Eat small portions of food that you particularly like. Take your time and don’t pressurize yourself to finish your meal if you are eating with others. You must indulge yourself in feeding your favorite food and dishes. You must try to drink plenty of fluids including Juices, soups, and beverages. Eat lavish to find solutions for How to Deal with Depression!

But make sure that you do not become an Alcoholic or Obese. Alcohol may give you peace from your depression for a few days but making it as a habit won’t make any good difference in your life. So, stay away from Alcohol and excessive eating at this time, you are more prone to grab this temptation.

5. Try to Spend Good Times with your Partner

Seek different activities with your partner that you would love to enjoy. Explain to your partner how badly you need to be with them and your loss of interest in them is nothing but a symptom of your depression. You still love her/him.

Love and the feeling of being love can beat all your stress and in no time, you will recover. You still don’t know How to Deal with the Depression? Of course, you know as now you have so much information. Keep re-living your special moments with your special one!

6. Try a Routine Change

Getting up the same time every morning can make your life a little more monotonous. The best you can do is to avoid the day sleeping and you can reduce caffeine intakes to no more than two per day. These small changes in your life can make big differences.

Try relaxation exercises at home or follow your favorite hobby for a day. Take a break off from work and go cycling with your friends. This will not only help you break the monotonous but a strong point to follow for How to Deal with the Depression. Yayyyy! Way to Go!

7. Get Back to Note Making

Well, this may sound Funny but it works! You can start by preparing a list of your best characteristics and pen them out. All you need to do is to carry that list with you and give it a read whenever you are close to any of the negative thoughts. Make sure to Pen down all the pleasant things that affect you and recall all the sweet memories associated with it. This will keep your Stress at Bay!

Give yourself alternative explanations for all the unpleasant events and thoughts that came across your mind. Although it is easy that you start feeling you are at fault every time, rethink about those conclusions and write down all other possible explanations for these thoughts. Start writing down your frustrations too!!!

8. Ask Your Friends for Help

Put all your worries into a useful purpose rather than endlessly pinpointing your problems.  Ask your best friend to sit with you and help you with your stress. Say exactly what the problem (or goal) is, discuss every minute detail of how to feel and how you think about it. Ask him/her for a list of five or six possible solutions to the problem. Write down any ideas that occur to you, not merely the good ideas.

Evaluate the good and bad points of each idea in turn. Choose the solution that best fits your needs. Plan exactly the steps you will take to put the solution into action. Review your efforts after attempting to carry out the plan. Praise all efforts. If unsuccessful, start again for How to Deal with Depression.

9. Music Therapy

Are you wondering as to how music can answer How to Deal with Depression? Then, let me share that this is my personal favorite. Do you know by our instinct we all are musical in one way or other? The whole universe is made up of vibrations and music. From an infant’s cry to the dripping water, there is music in everything. So, why not to enjoy your instincts!


Whenever you have a negative thought just switch on your favorite music and relax. Start singing along with your rock star, the worse you are at singing the more you will feel better. If you are already feeling a little better then start moving your feet with the best. Enjoy ever beat, feel the music in you.

10. Antidepressants

But, last if you feel nothing worked for you then I strongly recommend going through Medical Treatments. Antidepressants will be the first line of treatment for eliminating the severely depressed mood. It would be inadvisable to manage very severe depression without medication. For mild or moderate depression, antidepressants are not often recommended as a first-line treatment.

Different antidepressants work in different ways and you may need to trial more than one type to find the medication that works best for you. Make sure that you take all the medicines with a proper prescription from your physician, as the side effects may be difficult and different to deal with.

With assistance and treatment, you can understand the disorder in a better way. For now, I hope you have learned a lot on How to Deal with Depression. And for the last, I would say there is no end to the lemons that Life through at us, but as per the quote goes; “If Life gives you Lemons, Just Make Lemonade Out of it! Keep sharing your Experience in the comments Section!

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