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How to Get a Guy to Like You? Read This Love-o-pedia!

How to Get a Guy to Like You

Love Is In The Air…

One-sided love is much more painful, then one can imagine of this hurt feeling. Have you already spent endless nights dreaming about your Prince Charming? You love him with all your heart, and you want to have him reciprocate your love? Don’t stress out! You can quickly enter his heart, simply read out how! Do you know that Guys always want what they can’t easily have? Knowing this psychology, you can easily understand How to Get a Guy to Like You. Are you the one who secretly likes a guy, and wants that guy to think; she is my gorgeous lady who’s too hard to get?

It doesn’t matter if you’re wondering about how to get a guy to notice you or how to get a guy to want you. Either way, the first thing you have to do is to get his attention. Once you have that, you will be in control. From the pointers mentioned here, you can easily figure out how far you want your relationship with. Now here are some magical love tricks to make a guy turn his head towards you.

1. Intelligence is the Key

You may find it hard to believe, but how to make a guy like you is not an easy task. Your looks are not just enough, they see on the other side too, i.e. in terms of your mental capabilities. When they’re engaging in a serious discussion with a special woman they are interested in, men want their heads off to salute her for intelligence. Henceforth, it’s important to influence people and attract them!

How to Get a Guy Like You

They are not hitting on for a pretty face, but on a beautiful mind too. Especially when they want someone to be in a relationship, they would love someone with whom he/she enjoys talking. So, hit on this aspect too!

2. Independence Attracts Him

This is for sure that every guy would love to make them feel needed and wanted. But if you keep on wrapping your arms around him all the time, then he would be a little frustrated. Even when they already see you, men still love to hang out with their gang members and enjoy their gaming stations.

Relationships where women who insist on joining a man and his buddies end up quite early in comparison to other couples. It is possible that in the end, the guy tries to distance himself from you. So give him what he wants, a gang vacation!

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

Yea, that’s true but not always! Of course, you don’t have to tell everything to him on your very first date. A little bit of mystery keeps dating interesting in the long run. Let Your Man be looking for something more. Let him go mad in secret but don’t act as you are trying to hide something from him. Play in between mystery and playfulness to make him go crazy about you.

How to Get a Guy Like You More

Guys appreciate honesty because it shows that you respect them and men love it. But, only reveal about severe matters if you have a child from a previous marriage, or about your divorce. Hence, it is essential to select things before sharing. This is one of the things you need to do if you want to learn how to get a guy like You!

4. Showcase your Confidence

Nothing attracts a man more than a woman with confidence. Men like those woman who sets a high standard for herself and knows exactly what she wants in her life. To any man, a confident working woman is sexy and appealing. So, be prepared to boost all your confidence and don’t scare to show him your flying colours.

You know what the challenge of How to Get a Guy to notice you is not rocket science. You need to present him on the right side of you. Just be confident in your ways of life, and your love life is sorted. The more you try to try odd things to impress him, the more you will fall in your tries. Keep things simple for both of you. This is your new route, give this a try!

 5. Guy and His Psychology

Most of the men have this that they ignore you when you call them more frequent. Or you can understand it this what that man fears commitments. The more you try to involve yourself to him, the more he will worry about being in a responsible relationship. Therefore it is essential to maintain a particular distance in first 2-3 meetings, maybe there are still planning to get ex back.

How do Get a Guy to Like You

Men run after things which are hard to get, the same as with women. If you are readily available for them, you will miss the importance that you deserve. Let him miss you and then see the magic happen!

6. Flash Him a Smile

Nothing can beat the charm of a Smile. Trust me any guy can be won with a sweet, and radiant smile. Here I am not talking about that big grin that you try to please your parents. I am talking about the kind of smile that’s Mysterious, Gorgeous and Sexy. You need to give him a sparkling smile that can hit him and pierce him with the cupid’s arrow. Make sure you got a natural lip moisturizer with you all the time.

If you have never met this guy before, and you want things to happen between you soon then try out this one. All you need to do is that you mingle with your friends and show him that you’re having a good time. Check if you can lock your eyes with him from far, this method is hit for you to let him know that you are interested!

7. Focus Your Attention on Him

Planning on How to Get A Guy Like You? No person on the Planet exists who does not love the attention. So, the more he feels that you are giving him attention, he will automatically feel good about you. Just keep your eyes on him, and invite him to all your parties and get-togethers. This is a sure shot method to get a guy to notice you! Gift him special surprises!

How to Get a Guy to Like You

The best you can do is giving him more attention, he’ll wonder if you’re really interested in him, or you are just friends with him. And that’s exactly the plan, you want to make him look at you as someone special and more than just a friend. Remember, curiosity kills cats, but it makes a guy think! Funny but true!

8. Impress His Friends

Whenever you meet his gang, try to talk to them for a while but avoid any flirty notions. Don’t forget to be warm and sweet, and do not lose your intelligence. Impress his friends with your extraordinary wit and sweetness, and in no time, they will develop a feeling of likeness for you. Mark your impression, as they’re going to tell your man what an awesome girl you are. Men give attention to shoes so make sure you wear your perfect heels.

The formula of turning his friends into your evangelists, he will notice you as a special girl. Trust me, this works when you are hitting on the guy of your choice. But be careful with the flirting thing, don’t exceed your limits, or they may consider you a fallen woman. It’s always safe to play in limits!

9. Ask About Him

Whenever you meet his friends and family, always ask about his where beings. Don’t run for a constant questioning round as it would be little odd for others too. Just spare a word if you don’t see him around his gang. It is only to inform him that you were asking about him from his friends, he will be confused as what all this means. Walk with a gorgeous look with professional make-up kits as you cannot risk your looks at the moment.

How to Get A Guy Notice You

He will surely be happy to hear that you asked about him and there are possibilities that his friends start teasing him by your name. But never show off that you are easy to get, let him burn himself in confusions and mystery. And here is the start of a new Love Story with the help of friends. Good Luck!

10. Flirt with Other Guys

All you require is to make him curious and crazy about you. If he finds you flirting with other guys around, he will understand that there is a long way to proceed. Your whole attention is not on him, yet he feels it’s on him, and this feeling will make him find out your emotions for him. He will be thinking of what your true intentions are, yes, way to go and be sure to leave your smell which he would not be able to resist!

When he is around, don’t ignore him but don’t neglect other men also. This will hurt his ego, and his persona, he will wait for your attention. He will try many things to find out your feelings for him. So, don’t over prioritise him over other male friends, let him be jealous, let him be a detective to find out your love for him.

11. Don’t miss the chance to Look Good

Everybody is interested in what they see; your looks hit them. If you look gorgeous, you can quickly get him. It doesn’t need a flawless makeup, but you should not look out off in the morning. Put up a nice dress which you feel useful in, not necessarily a very sexy one but a comfortable one. You must be in your style so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in front of him. If you are not ok with something strappy and body fit dresses, you don’t need to wear them.

How to Get a Guy Like You

Put a strong focus on Personal Hygiene, be on your toes for your waxing schedules. Make sure that you smell good, and you don’t have stinky breath. Fix your Pedi-Mani appointment with your salon before visiting him next. Straighten your hair for a classy look. A pleasant fragrance would keep you refreshing and make you desirable.

12. Make Yourself Approachable

No matter how attractive you appear to man, it will not help him if you don’t seem to be approachable. This is an important rule to learn How to Get A Guy Like You. In this aspect, your body language plays a very crucial role. Your body language should say that you are confident and ready for his proposal. Give him hints that you are interested, when you are with him, try to not look at your phone. Let him notice that glow on your face as you are with him.

Try to make eye contacts with him while talking to your friends. Hold his eyes for a few seconds and don’t focus on anything else. Let him realize your passionate eyes, let him see your interest in him; and when he comes to approach you, greet him with a smile and become normal!

13. Give Him Hints that You are Available

You two are now good friends with each other, and you are having extreme fun. You are inviting each other for coffee dates, and you feel this can go on to the next level or more intense. He is calling you to know about your wellbeing, but he is not proposing you for a commitment. He wants to hold you, but you can sense that something is holding him for not moving a step forward. Here is where you have missed something! Show him your beautifully done nails and ask him how are they would my boyfriend love this? He will ask you directly, “Do You have a boyfriend?” And you have a chance to reveal that you are single.

How to Get a Guy Like You Again

See, you have to play it subtle, the only thing that is stopping him from going for a serious relationship is your Availability. Have you ever thrown hints at him showing that you are single? No, yes, this is the reason for his coldness. Tell him casually that you are single and you are ready to date some special one.

14. Give Him some Affection

Men need to watch out how special do you think they are for you. Here, you need to show them how much unique they are to you. Care for them, even when they have a little cold, showcase that you care about their health. Offer them help when they are unwell, and this one will melt away his heart for you.

The challenge of How to Get a Guy Like You is not difficult, and you need to follow up specific rules to get him. Get him his favourite snacks to make him feel good when he is in a low mood. Yes, this will surely make him fall for you!

 15. Do Something Special for Him

Do you think Surprises ever fail? Well, they never fail to give him a reason to smile. Try to plan a surprise Birthday party for him. Or plan to buy a special gift which he must be in want of from past few days. Or you can get tickets for his favourite shows or play a new game together and spend some quality time. You can also opt for planning the best dinner ever for him at his place. You can try any of these things to make him understand that he is really special for you!

How to Get a Guy to Like You

Try to cook his favourite recipe at your place and invite him to celebrate his success on his new project. All these things will work like a magic wand on him, and he will feel his worth ever than before. Don’t forget to put on your best attire on this special occasion to make him realize that you have adorned yourself only for him.

16. Ask Him Out

Men appreciate it when women make the first move in any relationship. So, why not to try this one for the challenge How to Get a Guy to notice you.  Ask him for a day out with you, but don’t forget to pre-plan everything for this special date. Don’t make him feel that you are inviting him for a date and ask him for a typical outing. You can ask his help on a serious project? Offer him a delicious coffee!

There are high chances that he was waiting for this day only, and now he is sure that you like him. On this day, he may propose you and this was what your plan was; to get a proposal from his side, this is going to change your love life forever!

17. Get Physical with Him

This is yet another aspect of any relationship, but don’t force yourself into this. If you want to try intimacy only to attract him, then I am sure you would not be able to enjoy it for longer. While talking to him, gently touch and notice his responses to your touches. If you feel that he is all ready to go along, then this is the time to take your romance to the bedroom.

How to Get a Guy Like You

But if you notice that he is reluctant to your touches then stop it right there, you still need more time with him. Wait for the right moment and keep focussing on the points mentioned above.

Now, I think you are fully aware of How to Get a Guy Like You; these simple methods can make you win over him. Try to have the best of your relationship, and if you have any other tricks to share, then you are most welcome to write down in the comment section. Best of Luck, and yes, you can win His Love!!

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