What is The Meaning of Love? A Perfect Definition of Love!

What is the meaning of Love

Psychologists believe that love feels like thirst, craving and desire to see the one you love. In the early stage of romancing, it seems reasonable to lose control and take on strange things in life. Feeding Love as addiction can help the person feel better with this feeling called love. Greeks defined love as the “Madness of Gods”, but are you wondering, “What is the Meaning of Love?” Though the Definition of Love varies from individual to individual like as Shakespeare once said, “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see.” This is probably the reason why it is called that people often FALL in Love rather than being in love.

The Meaning of Love is complicated yet so simple if you start feeling butterflies around the person you love. No, it’s not a fairy tale coming your way; love does have its ups and downs that obstacles a lovers’ path. There are no words that can describe the Meaning of Love it can only be experienced. Stay hooked and let’s find out the Meaning of Love!

Definition of Love?

According to Aristotle, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” If one wants to understand the meaning of love, then it is of high importance to understand the difference between Love & Lust. Lust to be defined as connecting of bodies, whereas love can indeed be called as connect of Souls. Love is not just limited to the bodily desires but the desire of being with the person you love, laughing talking, sharing secrets, sharing food, and above all, sharing your life. Henceforth, the definition of love can be as simple as an emotional intellect or connect to the other person involved in the romance.

What is The Meaning of Love?

Love Holds Our True Existence as Human

By our very existence, we are bound to fall in love and experience the feeling, so are you in love or want to understand the true definition of love? Do you want to jump with joy and happiness whenever you see your loved ones? Does their single touch intend to take you on cloud nine? Is it love when you feel good watching them smiling? Or the Meaning of Love is embracing them passionately.

Whenever I try to solve this riddle of love, my words face words poverty to describe the most significant force of the Universe. My friends say love is the feeling what you feel when you hold your lover palms and every time you look at them with care. It is felt in rustles of bushes, under the stars and in the breeze surrounding you, when your love sit beside you.

The Definition of Love

Heard in Love Songs of the Era, seen in the depth of eyes and charming smile with a morning face. Smelled like RawChemistry Cologne because my love wears this and I smell love like this. Love tastes like a sweet melted candy when I touch his lips, tender and soft. The other set of people believe that love is pain and suffering. Though I never felt a suffrage goat at the hands of love and my partner has never tried to make me feel like that even after the worst fights. Love is when you are happily ready to sacrifice all that you have for that one single individual. Feeling pain after a crucial battle is obvious, but it can never lead to hatred for the one you love, after all with every fight, you get to know each other in a new light.

Understanding the Meaning of Love

I have never felt the pain when we argue; I have understood my partner better. Someone has asked me how love feels? I gave deep thought and said, “LIKE HIM.” Though the question kept me busy for a good three days, I sat with my coffee around the corner of our bedroom and felt magical happiness in my heart as I see my love walking towards the bathroom having his Philips Multi Grooming Kit which I gifted him last month. He liked it, and every time he picks it up, he smiles over me as he knows that I am happy seeing him enjoying his sexy trims.

He shut the bathroom door and it felt like any other non-romantic moments, all of sudden I feel; I should go and hug him. No! As I gradually sip in my coffee, a trail of happy hormones seized me, and slowly I realized this is my passion, my love for him as I allowed him to enjoy his Sunday bath. Love, in my definition, is care, a pure gaze, and you fall again for that one individual. Love feels like warmth in the chilly mornings, chills in the sunny mornings, and drops of passion in the desserts. If this is not the definition of love, then what can that be?

What is the definition of love

Perhaps philosophers and relationship experts have poorly failed to give a specific definition of love, so do I. Post-reading enough love stories and books about Love, I gained the knowledge that love seems like a river, or undying flame or a warm breeze. Love can be so many things different yet the same.

I am puzzled, I long inside and fills my heart with joy when my partner clasps my hand in hers. I go entirely sightless when I look into his eyes and forget all my worries as I know we can work on our problems together. Tiny steps together make love more beautiful with each passing day; we get closer than ever as I never forget to tell him What Does He Mean to Me!

Meeting My Love for the First Time

I met my husband 24 years back at school, of course, we became friends and spent almost all of our childhood together, and I was sure he would never be my boyfriend. We were inseparable as friends, and then our friends started talking about us as a couple. It was the day in late January when I got a bad fight with him, and yes off course he lost his basketball match. I saw him whipping his tears and realized how I could be so special to someone. From that day, we talked pretty less; we attended a lot of friends’ parties together without even looking at each other.

One day, I don’t know something…. something has hit his mind, and he came to me he held me tightly and said, “I Love You, Why Don’t You Understand? The Whole World Knows About My Love For You And You Pretend To Be Ignorant.” I was numb, really numb and had nothing to say not because I knew his feelings. I was just scared of turning this beautiful friendship to a commitment. Yes, I was shit scared as I fear this Love Dare!

I stay quiet as I have never seen him like my best friend shouting at me and demanding love.  I saw a passion in his dark long-lashed eyes that made me skip a heartbeat. I came back home and wondered how would we be as a couple, my female friends called me and asked if I am Okay as they knew I was surprised and shocked at all that happened.

What is the meaning of love?

For next week, I tried to avoid any eye-contacts with him, but he keeps on gazing me from my classroom window. He tried talking, but I ran telling him that he spoiled our friendship. A typical romance story or now sometimes I feel, I wanted him to chase me more.

No, not really, but maybe I wanted to be sure of this commitment before giving him any hopes of us being together. The seventh day of his frustrated emotions, he held my hand tight and handed me a Home Planetarium Star Projector and asked what are you feared of, I have stars for you, my love. It seemed like it’s coming right from a fairy tale. I uttered “YES” and smiled while looking at his shaking hands as I received one of the best gifts of my life from him.

Experiencing the Meaning of Love

Reading multiple love novels, I thought from now onwards, we will never fight, and we will never have arguments. We started going on movie dates, bike rides, started work-outs together to get rid of my belly fat, late-night escapades were our favourite as we were growing closer as a couple. I could never explain the feelings, but till this time, I have never uttered a word to what I felt for him. I was still confused as I was still exploring if he loves me, or it’s just an attraction that is the result of our friendship.

Love was just a word post 12 days of me saying yes to him. His every word, every action suddenly was oriented to us. From planning chemistry lessons to helping me with my mathematics problems giving mutual tests for the upcoming high school examination, we were together, together with a binding source which I realized later as love.

Exploring the Meaning of Love from His Eyes

We have completed years after years; we had fights terrible fights. We both had our insecurities, mine was that will this relationship ever work, and his idea was that I might leave him because of my constant doubts. After every fight, I asked him to move on as I always knew we are not good together as a couple. For him, the Meaning of Love was different. One day, post a bad day he came closer to me, put his head on my lap and said, you are my all, and for me, fights don’t matter. We have a bond, which is beyond any misunderstanding and anger pangs. Every battle is not bigger than my love for you. Gradually I find a new definition of love and understood the languages of love.

What is the definition of love?

What is the meaning of Love, a love that stands firm against all the odds, his small gestures of pampering and extreme care gave me full power to move comfortably with him. And this time, when he came closer to me, a tear rolled down my cheek, and I simple hugged him and dropped a kiss on his cheek. He was happily stunned as he has never experienced anything like this from my side, and for the very first time, I said, “I Love you”. We both cried holding hands as this was the new dimension to our yearly old relationship.

What is The Meaning of Love?

The charm in his eyes, the glow on his hairy cheeks and his smiling lips was attracting me more towards him. Whenever he holds my hand, I can sense a completion in my personality as things were incomplete before realizing the feeling called love. We found love in each other and after every argument, I recall myself of what is the Meaning of Love and calmed down as we are inseparable. Waking him every morning with a smile and happiness is what love miracle is!

The Meaning of Love is unmatchable to every single soul like different fingertips: not a similar feeling but an experience. Love is an addiction, a Pure Addiction that makes your heart pound with happiness. We were kids when we loved, unknowing what it was and we matured in love as individuals and as a couple, we explored multiple meanings of life and love.

The Memories That Define Meaning of Love

I remember our first Valentine together. While I was looking out for Christmas Gifts for My Boyfriend, he already got me a pair of LOVEBIRDS. The cutest gift I ever received from anyone in my life. He said, aren’t we like them? We fight, we love and stay together after all the fights, and I smiled in affirmation.

I was just a girl in my late seventeen, and he was just a boy, and that was a perfect school romance. I used to wait for him for the lunches together, and his sparkling eyes said I am not hungry, I am full post seeing you. Sounds funny these days, as now he is always craving for good food. But yes, those were the days when I could not find a better valentine gift for him but a Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner. LOL, but I still feel it is still an excellent choice for gifting.

With the coming forward, we realized we would be with each other for life in every hard situation we may face our ways. I promised to myself; I will be with him and support him in all the cases whatever may come as we already crossed eight years of togetherness.

What is the meaning of Love?

What Is the True Meaning of Love?

Love is not a success; it’s a journey….

Living life and getting new meanings to love with time truly makes one experience true love. As said, “Love needs not to be perfect but true.” It is not necessarily you don’t ever fight, but it’s most important how early you get back to your love. If I talk about us, as told we had a significant break down a few years back and with constant relationship consultants, we came back together. And this time with greater respect and passion for each other.

Since there is no scientific definition of love, it can only be felt from the heart to the soul. However, to me, Soul Connect is Love! You may have a different definition of love, but nurturing this Powerful emotion can swirl Worlds if true!

What Love Is Not?

  • You don’t need to die for a person to prove your love.
  • Proving Love with Self Hurt is No Love.
  • Magic Spells and Potions do not attract true love.
  • If boundaries hold you back, you are not in love.

If you are reading this, Kudos, you are already in LOVE! Would love to hear your Meaning of Love in the comment sections or drop us a mail.

Cheers to the Super Power Called Love!

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