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18 Most Passionate and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

Valentines Day Ideas For Him

2020 Valentines Day Ideas For Him!

Surprising someone you love is always a special fun way to show your love and care for the person. True to say that relationships need constant working on lovable moments. The most important thing to remember is that if the romantic aspect of a relationship dies, there will be no time to end up with a break-up. It takes time and thought to keep coming up with new Best Valentine’s Day ideas for him to surprise him this Valentine 2020. 

Do you feel saying “I love you” only is enough? As the proverb said, “Action Speaks Louder than Words”, you need to put this to experiment in your Love Life. Do you know Men equally love surprises as Women? They may never ask you in words to do something special for them, but deep down, they will love it.

Men Love Surprises…..

There can be plenty of ways to surprise him, either plan a romantic date or just something that they could not expect. You can start cooking with something special for him or make him happy with compliments. He will be far more than glad to see you doing something that is special for him on his Birthday or Anniversaries. Why only to plan surprises on special days? Can’t you expect something like cooking his special dish and serving it with candles? Why not dress up, especially for him without any occasion? He will be excited to see you dolled-up, especially for him. So, let’s shut the relationship monotony and find out exciting Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him 2020.

1. Plan a Romantic Vacation

How about planning a surprise vacation with him. This will not only help you develop a real bonding but will also get the romance back. You need to be careful as you need to find his available dates so that the plan does not coincide with any of his work events. Plan out everything to the last detail so that all he has to do is to enjoy your togetherness. Do not forget to gift him a travel kit before you reach the destination.

Valentines Day Ideas For Him

Off course, you can send him off alone, but you’d instead go along as well, right? That will be amazing; what will he do there all by himself? Try to shut down all the unnecessary connections from the World and enjoy special time with each other. So, you can give him the best valentine’s gifts.

2. Surprise Him with Candle Light Dinner

As said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then why not to Surprise him with a Special dinner? Take advantage of any special day when you both are little free of work and plan something delicious to satisfy his palette. You can consider several choices that you could opt for. Plan out a romantic candlelight dinner by the fireplace of the house or on the beach.

You can also book a table for two at his favourite restaurant. Or the unique idea is to most a picnic brunch and something that one would typically not think of. See, you can choose from a variety of Ideas, or you can cook a fascinating meal for just the two of you and set things at Home only. Let me tell you, this is one of the exciting things for Valentine’s Day 2020 and this can add so much spark in your love life!

3. Plan a Surprise Valentine Party

When Valentine’s Day is on the horizon? Don’t wait for any other occasion to express your feelings for him. If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him, then this one is never a hit back. Valentine is a special day to express your love for him and make it memorable by planning a particular valentine surprise party. Easily invite his friends, colleagues, and family with beautifully designed cards and invites. Surprise him with a theme cake that celebrates his passion, play out his favourite music and have his favourite food on the menu.

Valentines Day 2020 Ideas For Him

This would be something he will remember this gesture for lifelong and will love you even more for this. These Celebratory surprises are not meant to be big but sweet and unique. Let him realize how much you love Him! Indeed one of the best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him!

4. Dazzle Him with New Makeover

Why not get a New Makeover done for him? No, a good idea for you as well as for him too. All you need is to try something different from what he is inhabit to see you. You can either try on a new dress, a little different as to what you wear at work and on dates. A little sexy, a little showy or a bit of his choice. On the usual basis, he sees you rushing to the office and not dressed up for him. So, let’s surprise him with the sexy side of yours by putting on unique makeup and DIY hairdos to look more attractive to him.

The other thing that you can try out is an excellent Hair Cut that suits you. According to the researches, makeup and dresses do not give a make-over, but a Nice Hair Cut makes you a different looking person altogether. Just think out of the love box, and you will be amazed to see his happiness and madness over a glance.

5. Enjoy a Romantic Evening Together

Men are visual creatures, and they would never miss out on anything attractive to them. Is making good-time in the bedroom has become a daily affair? Then why not to change things and come out the mundane set-up. Why don’t you call him to your place and plan out candle-lit surroundings? Or book a Hotel room and ask them to plan special arrangements for the two of you. Hotel management will take care of the rest! Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him? None can beat this one! Hope you liked this Valentine’s Day Idea for Him!

Valentines Day Gifts 2020

Or think anything right out of his sexual fantasy; put on his white shirt that falls to your knees, pair it with smoky eye makeup and wet hair. This will make him love, and he will be surprised to see you. Turn on some romantic music, master a poetic voice, dim the lights, and enjoy this Romantic evening dancing hand-in-hand with each other.

6. Surprise Him with a Beer Full Fridge

Once you know, you will be away from him for the upcoming week, as you have some urgent work. You know he will miss you, but before leaving, you want to surprise him. All you can plan is to store his favourite cookies or his favourite snacks and refrigerate it. He will only look at them once you have left. He will not just be surprised but will also appreciate your efforts in caring for him so much. Or just secretively pick any valentine gift ideas for him.

One of the other Romantic Ways to Surprise Him is to full his refrigerator with his favourite brand of Beer. When you are not available, he will miss you even more, whenever he opens up the Fridge to have a Beer. But, trust me, this works!

7. Try New Adventurous Sports Together

Most of us love adventurous sports and if your man is also this way then here is a super fun activity for you two. Secretly, plan for skydiving, snorkelling, paragliding, and moonlight trek, sea walking, or rafting on the weekend. Find out the nearest place that you both can enjoy weekend gateway with ease. All you need to do is make the bookings, confirm everything, and drive him to the venue.

Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Just make sure, you keep it a secret till you reach the venue. On entering the site, your partner will be surprised to see what all you have planned for him. Adventure sports can be total stress busters and fun at the same time but do not forget to keep your First Aid kit with you! Experiencing adventurous games with your loved one will give you memories to cherish lifelong. Isn’t it one amongst the Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him?

8. How About a Mid-Night Surprise

The main idea to give him surprises is to keep the innocence and spark alive in a relationship. There is nothing that makes you two stop loving each other, but every day needs to be unique and full of surprises. Let’s break the rules and sneak to your Boyfriend’s house and wake him up for a long drive. Enjoy this matching Pyjama and T-shirt Date with him walking around the beaches and parks in the city.

Hold his hands gently and walk as long as you guys enjoy while talking to each other. He will be surprised at your creativity and daring. Keep surprising him and making your relationship a better place surprise him this Valentine 2020!

9. Give Him a Hot-Oil Massage

Try something exciting to spice up your relationship. If till this date you have never given him an aroma massage, then you must try this one now. Don’t know how to Give a Hot-Oil Massage? Common, there are plenty of tutorials online from which you can learn and give him a gentle Massage. For this, you can get the best aromatic oils which you think he will love too and get all the arrangements done to steam up things between you.

Best Valentines Day Ideas For Him

This will not only relax him after a week-long workload but will also give you two another level of intimacy. Surprise him with your Massage talents!!

10. Plan a Treasure Hunt Game

Are you looking for the Best Romantic Ways to Surprise Him? You don’t need to spend all your monthly savings for his surprises. But a little effort and extra thinking are all required for it. So, let’s make it little creative this time and plan out a funny Treasure Hunt Game to keep the things moving. Cut out special paper cutting and write down sexy clues to find you. He will follow up the clues and will have to reach the end to find a reward.

In reward, there can be anything, from his favourite Chocolate Bar to you waiting for him in a perfect dress for a Romantic escape. It totally depends on you, and you know that he will like the most, so plan accordingly!

11. Make Changes to His Alarm Clock for Something Special

Waking up with an Alarm Clock can be annoying sometimes. So, you can plan to change the monotonous settings for his day. Change his Alarm Tone to something specially recorded, and you will be the reason for his smile for the rest of the day. You can easily surprise him by setting the best love message ever, specially recorded messages, and he will be blushed in the very morning.

Valentine's Day Ideas 2020

Or be his Alarm clock, wake him up with your special kisses and Hugs. See how happy he is with such a display of love, emotions and pampering. This can never go wrong if you are finding the Best Romantic Ways to Surprise Him!

12. Text Him Nice and Sexy Messages

If you are hitting to Surprise him, then keep on sending him the Romantic Texts throughout the day. These texts will not only help him smile all day, but he will also be very excited to see you in the evening. Compliment him with all the beautiful things that he would have never expected. Suggest to him that you are eagerly waiting to see him in the evening, as there is something special today for him.

Or you can be playful in your text conversations with him. There are plenty of Sexy Messages about Why I Love You to make it for the special day. Give it a try to make him blush like never before!

13. Impress Him with Wall Writings

Wall Writings is one of the most Romantic Ways to Surprise him. It’s effortless and effective, and you can sneak into the bathroom as you catch him having a shower write, “I love you” on that steamy mirror. You can also do this to your car window or at any of the windows window of your house. Nothing can be more adorable than this Hazy view of “I Love You” in your Handwriting.

Valentine's Day Ideas For Him

This one can be called as a quick and sweet way to present him how special he is for you. He will be astonished to see you in this mood, and you will notice that the previous vibes are coming back into your romance. It’s blooming with every second! So get ready with your pro eye shadow palette before his reaching home.

14. Let Him Enjoy Sports

Men love sports more than you; this is no false but a sad truth that you need to understand. Men need time to feed their own Sports love and their love for their favourite player. To make him feel good, you can book match-tickets priory without informing him of where you are heading to. If his ideal match is happening near you, then you must plan out this visit to surprise him.

You can plan to send him with his friends, or you can get along. He will be happy to see his favourite players playing live. Or if possible, you can arrange a fun-time for his gang that they all can come together to enjoy the match on your Drawing-room Screen over Home Cooked Pop Corn served!

15. Bake His Favourite Cake

Men love to have snacks made by you as they feel touched by your love and care. Why not you bake him some delicious meals which he can take with him to work? Or you can have a cake ready when he gets home with a distinctive shape, get special cake pans and get set go! Always prepared with a delicious meal, he will feel what an amazing woman he has in his life. He will love you more than your food. He will appreciate you going the extra mile for this Valentine’s Day Idea for Him!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

What a Fabulous way to drive him crazy for you. But you know what, you need to manage time from work. Deep down, you know that all your efforts are worth it for the Man he is!

16. How About Writing a Love Letter

Best valentines ideas for him are all the old rules that probably your Grandfather had done to your Grandmother. These oldies really are the goodies that you need to know for impressing him. The art and habit of writing Love letters seem to be lost in this generation. When we all love to communicate through the digital World, our expressions have little to say, and we use emoji’s to express. Why not go back to that little old-fashioned love concept?

Pen down a Love Letter for him and try expressing your love for him. Take out ideas from love letters and explain your first meeting and tell him how you felt when he proposed. It’s all sorted to make him feel loved and respected!

17. Compliment Him for His New Looks

Don’t you think he wants as many compliments as you want? Men love it when you notice every hair of their newly done beard and you appreciate how handsome he looks. Most of the women ignore the compliments or pass it on to mention. Wait! Take a break and compliment him with all your heart. Compliment him for his new beard freshly done with your favourite smelling beard oil.

Valentine's Day Special Ideas For Him

This will not only add spice to your relationship, but he will feel more confident about himself. Do you know Compliments keep you motivated and energetic? This one is another energy booster!

18. Surprise Him with a Clean Apartment

Guys are always on the messy part, and they love their mess. Sometimes, they feel to have a sorted life, but by nature, they love it messy. So, if you are pondering on Valentine’s Day ideas for him, then surprise him with a sorted cupboard. Someway sneak out to his apartment and get to work and sort all his clothes and place them nicely. You can use storage cubes to do your job easy, and he will be thankful for all your energies.

If you have sufficient energies, then go on to more and clean all his apartment or plan a beautiful decor to surprise him with something breath-taking. He will like it for sure, and this will make him feel that you are ready to enter his life forever.

These amazing Valentine day ideas for him are super cute and are sure to make a difference in your love life. The magic will happen because you are trying to keep spreading the fragrance of your love! Keep the lamp burning so, that you can feel the warmth of it through life. If you have other suggestions on Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him 2020, mention in the comment section!

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